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Which team started the most races without a win?

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The title says enough. Today we are going to look in history at which Formula 1 Teams had the most starts without a victory. We could produce an endless list for you but we won't :)

The team that had the most Grand Prix stats without a win is the Arrows Formula 1 Team. The team competed in Formula 1 from 1978 till 2002 when it got bankrupt. Their best result in 383 starts was a second place. The most familiar one was in my opinion was Hungary 1997 where Damon Hill went stunning into the lead and almost saw the first victory of Arrows until a gearbox problem came around.

The other team that is close to Arrows is Minardi F1 Team. This team started in 340 Grand Prix's between 1985 and 2005 and had their best result was a 4th position. The team reached this position a few times. The last time was during the South African Grand Prix in 1993 where Christian Fittipaldi came in 4th.

The team who is closing the top 3 is surprisingly Force India. They competed in F1 from 2008 till 2018. Of course this team has changed names a lot and they already had a victory when they were the Jordan team. The best result of the Force India team was 2nd in the Belgian Grand Prix of 2009 with Giancarlo Fisichella.

I need to mention the team which is in 4th place. This is the Haas Team! They now competed in 160 races and their best result is a 4th place during the Austrian Grand Prix 2018 with Romain Grosjean. So the Haas Team still need to get their first podium and their first F1 win.

With this; please let us know what you think; Will Haas get their first podium in the current and coming 2024 season? Let us know :)

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Oct 04, 2023

At least Haas is good in something…🤪

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