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From teamboss to reporter.

Copyright Shutterstock | Guenther Steiner

We all heard the news end of 2023 that Guenther Steiner would leave the team of Haas. Everybody was a bit surprised but should we? Haas did not perform well for years and in 20023 they ended up last.

Guenther is nice to see in "Drive to Survive" and is always prepared to do an interview. We will never know the reason of Gene Haas to let Guenther go. Nevertheless, it looks like that the new teamboss Ayao Komatsu suits the team as the results are better this year. Or is it Guenther's work?

What I will miss is the honesty in his interviews and his presence in the Netflix serie. But, he is not away from the paddock as he started as a reporter! That is good news.

Than the question to you readers; What do you think of Guenther Steiner? And what do you think that he started as a reporter? Is it a joke? Is it something serious? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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