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Who was the youngest F1 Driver on the podium?

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This is an easy answer! Yes it was Max Verstappen when he was 18 years and 228 days old in Barcelona 2016.If we forget Max Verstappen in this one I think it is not easy to get the right answer.

It's not Sebastian Vettel who won the Italian Grand Prix at Monza in 2008. At that time he was 21 years and 73 days old. Surprising Daniil Kvyat is following Vettel with the age of 21 years and 91 days when he was on the podium at the Hungarian Grand Prix of 2015.

The person we are looking for is Lance Stroll. He was 18 years and 239 days old when he was on the podium with his Williams in 2017. The top 3 is Lando Norris with 20 years and 235 days at the Austrian Grand Prix in 2020.

Even more impressive was Kevin Magnussen when he drove on his debut in Formula 1 to third place in Australia 2014 while he was 21 years and 162 days old. An impressive result. Lucky Kevin is still in the field with Haas F1.

These statistics are nice but it does not say anything how the career of a Formula 1 driver will go. See as an example how the career of Kevin Magnussen went. A podium at his first race brought a lot expectations and in the end, he drives for years at Haas. Not bad but not in considering that his first F1 race ever was a podium.

I hear you thinking; what about Oscar Piastri? He is with his age of 22 year already too old to get in the top 10 ;)

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