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Will Hulkenberg bring Audi to the top?

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In the last weeks Nico Hulkenberg was presented as one of the Audi drivers. Hulkenberg will start his journey in 2025.

Hulkenberg is officially a "comeback kid" as he drove only 3 Grand Prix's in 3 years and now he extended his time in Formula 1 again with a manufacturer Audi. What is it that the German was able to get a contract like this?

Hulkenberg gained a total of 536 points in 212 races. And of course he had one pole position in 2010 in his Williams at the Brazilian Grand Prix. In the last 1.5 years he showed to be very good in qualifying where he put his Haas F1 a lot of times in the top 10 and is out qualifying his teammate Mangussen.

For 2025 we cannot expect a lot from Hulkenberg as it will be the Kick Sauber team as it is right now. Nevertheless, it will be a nice project for him where he can aim for his podium or even his first win. Also, Sergio Perez needed 190 races to get his first F1 win!


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