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To race in VR | What is your experience?

In the last 8 years VR has moved up in the world of (sim) racing. Today I am going to talk about my experiences and I would like to hear your experiences as well.

First thing you need to know is I am enthusiastic about all the aspects of VR. It brings things much more closer and more intense. The disadvantage of VR is that most of the time you can only experience it yourself without enjoying it with other people. The first VR helmet I was enthusiastic about was the Atari Jaguar VR Helmet in 1994. That Helmet never came on the market by the way :)

My first real experience with VR was with Playstation 4 and with their VR Helmet. Don't think about all the cables you need to connect or or calibrate during a game but it was a massive experience to race in VR with Gran Turismo Sport or with Driveclub VR. The last one was a real arcade game but it made it clear what the opportunities are. At that time I did not had the resources to try the VR with iracing.

At the beginning of 2023 I ordered the new VR Helmet for the Playstation 5 which was completely compatible with Gran Turismo 7. Everything was in VR and that convinced me to buy the helmet.

The reviews of the game in VR were good and everybody mentioned the eye tracking and the 2k resolution on left and right.

I really liked the VR driving with Gran Turismo 7. Every part and yes also online. With a steering wheel and chair it makes it almost real. The only thing is that, in my opinion, it is more intense than racing from a monitor. Be aware of that. For me it is nice to do once in a while but I cannot race for a few hours.

I thought for a long time about buying a VR helmet for iracing but since Gran Turismo 7 I don't do it. Simply because it is too intense for me. How nice it still is. And what about you? Just let us know in the comments if you like racing in VR or if it is something you will never try. Let us know!

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