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The most races with One Team

Some drivers in Formula 1 switch a lot between teams and some of them never change. A driver who switched a lot between teams is Andrea de Cesaris who drove for I think more than 10 teams. Today we are going to look at drivers who drove the most races at one team.

Michael Schumacher drove between 1996-2006 179 Grand Prix for the Ferrari team. Almost a record! This record is in hands of Lewis Hamilton who drove 217 Grand Prix with the Mercedes team from 2013 up till now.

Also Max Verstappen is getting in third place already as he had driven, besides Toro Rosso, for only Red Bull Racing. He is currently on 157 Grand Prix! David Coulthard is also on this list with 150 Grand Prix for Mclaren from 1996 till 2004.

When we stay at Mclaren we can mention Jenson Button as well as he drove for the team from 2010 till 2017 in 136 Grand Prix.

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