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Starting with sim-racing? Read how to start!


Sim-racing has evolved into an incredibly popular and immersive hobby that allows you to experience the thrill of motorsports from the comfort of your own home. With the advent of high-quality racing games like Gran Turismo 7 for PlayStation 5 and simulation platforms like iRacing for PC, getting started in sim-racing has never been easier or more exciting. In this guide, we'll walk you through the essentials of beginning your sim-racing journey with a basic Logitech steering wheel setup.

Choosing the Right Equipment

1. Steering Wheel: A good place to start is with a basic Logitech steering wheel, such as the Logitech G29/G920 or a Logitec Pro. You can also consider one of the Thrustmaster series. These wheels are affordable and offer a great entry point into sim-racing. They come with force feedback, pedal sets, and are compatible with both PC and PlayStation platforms.

2. Gaming Platform: Depending on your preference and budget, you can choose between PlayStation 5 or PC as your gaming platform. Gran Turismo 7 is exclusively available for PlayStation 5, while iRacing is a PC-only simulator. Make sure your chosen platform meets the game's system requirements.

3. Gaming Seat: While not mandatory, a gaming seat or stand can greatly enhance your sim-racing experience by providing stability and comfort. There are various options available, from basic foldable stands to more advanced racing cockpits.

Installing and Setting Up Your Equipment

1. Console/PC Setup: Connect your PlayStation 5 or PC to your TV or monitor. Make sure all drivers and software are up to date.

2. Steering Wheel Setup: Attach your Logitech steering wheel to a sturdy surface or gaming cockpit. Connect the wheel to your gaming platform using the provided cables. Install any necessary drivers or software for your wheel.

3. Game Installation: Install Gran Turismo 7 on your PlayStation 5 or iRacing on your PC. Follow the setup instructions for each game.

Learning the Basics

1. Game Tutorials: Both Gran Turismo 7 and iRacing offer tutorials and training modes that teach you the basics of racing, controls, and vehicle dynamics. Take your time with these to build a solid foundation.

2. Start Slow: Don't rush into competitive races right away. Begin with practice sessions and AI races to get comfortable with the controls and tracks.

3. Learn the Tracks: Track knowledge is crucial in racing. Spend time learning the racing lines, braking points, and corners of each track to improve your lap times.

Online Racing

1. Safety First: In iRacing, especially, safety is taken seriously. Start with rookie-level races to gain experience and improve your safety rating. Clean racing will help you progress through the ranks.

2. Join Communities: There are many online sim-racing communities and forums where you can find like-minded enthusiasts, discuss strategies, and even participate in organized races and leagues.

3. Continual Learning: Sim-racing is a skill that requires continuous improvement. Watch replays, analyze your performance, and learn from more experienced racers to become a better driver.

Expanding Your Setup

As you gain experience and become more passionate about sim-racing, you may want to invest in upgrades such as a higher-end steering wheel, better pedals, a direct-drive wheelbase, and multiple monitors for a more immersive experience.

You can also expand your setup with a VR helmet. Especially for the PS5 with Gran Turismo 7 it is very enjoyable. Also in online racing. Have a quick view how it looks!

Remember that sim-racing is all about having fun and improving your driving skills. It can be as casual or competitive as you want it to be. So, dive into the virtual world of motorsports, enjoy the thrill of racing, and strive to become a better sim-racer with each lap. Good luck and have fun!

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