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Remarkable moments in Formula 1

Taki Inoue hit by a medical car

In the 90's there were sometimes as we call " pay drivers " Drivers who had a talent with money. Taki Inoue was such a driver when he drove in 1995 for Footwork ( Arrows ). I can tell more about it but just watch the video.

Riccardo Rosset made fun of himself in Monaco

Riccardo Rosset was a very quick driver in the lower classes of Formula 1. He only did not manage to impress people in Formula 1. Maybe it was the pressure or something else. Anyway; in 1998 he made a remarkable move where he failed to spin the car in the correct direction.

Frentzen failed to qualify with the Arrows on purpose.

Frentzen was in his lat days of his Formula 1 career. At Arrows he thought he could make a move back to the top. Unfortunately was the Arrows team out of fundings. Every team and driver needed to take a try to qualify. The Arrows team really had no money and could not afford to drive the Grand Prix. Team owner Tom Walkinshaw gave the order to drive out with the car and not to qualify on purpose. And Frentzen did. It was the last Grand Prix of Arrows.

Volume check with Nico Rosberg

Just funny. Watch how Nico got pranked by Vettel and Schumacher.

Nelson Piquet wants a nose like Alain Prost

Back in the '80's some drivers where more clowns. Nelson Piquet wanted to have a bit of the borken nose Alain Prost has.

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