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Most races driven for their first victory

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On this Sunday we keep it short. Which driver drove the most Grand Prix's before they got their first win?

Yes, it is Sergio Perez! In Sakir 2020 he was driving his 190th race and he won that race in a remarkable way as he needed come completely from the back of the field. Perez, who had no seat yet for 2021, did all he could do to get a seat. And he did... He was driving a Red Bull in 2021.

The driver who is second on this list is also very familiar. It is Carlos Sainz who his driving for Ferrari at this moment. Carlos had his first victory with Ferrari at his 150th race during the British Grand Prix 2022.

Mark Webber is completing this podium. He was driving his 130th race when he won in Germany 2009 in a Red Bull. Mark Webber is nowadays the manager of Oscar Piastri.

Fourth in this list is Rubens Barrichello. He drove his 123rd race when he drove for Ferrari and won at the old Hockenheim circuit in difficult wet and dry conditions. I can remember this race very well as I was attending that race as a VIP those days. I will never forget it.

What is your most remarkable first win of a driver? Tell us in the comments!

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