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Grand Prix of Indianapolis | 2005

Within a week we are in Las Vegas watching the third Grand Prix of the year in the USA. A while ago we only had one Grand Prix a year in the USA. At the Grand Prix of Indianapolis in 2005 there were only starting 6 cars...

Why did there only start 6 cars? That had something to do with the Michelin tyre that could not stand the pressure in the high speed corner just before the straight. In the field almost all cars where on Michelin tyres and only six cars on Bridgestone tyres. That was Ferrari, Jordan and Minardi.

Yes it was a good day for Michael Schumacher and Ferrari and also for Tiago Monteiro who scored his only podium in his F1 career. The fans were not happy at all of course. After that it took until Austin in 2012 that we raced again in USA.

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