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Grand Prix at Indianapolis | Crash Ralf Schumacher

It is almost a week before we go ahead in Las Vegas. Before we do we look back to some Grand Prix in USA during the years. Today we look back at the Grand Prix at Indianapolis in 2004. A big crash of Ralf Schumacher.

During the 2004 season Michael Schumacher was completely dominant in his Ferrari. His brother Ralf was driving at Williams which was at that time a good contender for Ferrari next to Mclaren and Renault with Fernando Alonso.

It was said that Michael Schumacher was only focused on himself while driving and it seemed that he did as he was driving by the car after Ralf Schumacher was crashed. The team told him, during safety car, that it was fine with him. It must be difficult for him driving a race and seeing your brother crashing.

Nevertheless; Michael Schumacher won the race.

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