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Formula One in 1990 | Senna vs Alesi

With the upcoming Las Vegas Grand Prix we look the coming week to some memories from Grand Prix from the USA. Today we look back at the opening race of the 1990 season in Phoenix. Yes; a streetcircuit.

It was March 1990. A lot of teams and cars. Big favorite that year is Ayrton Senna and of course Alain Prost who moved from Mclaren to Ferrari. And there was newcomer Jean Alesi who drove a few Grand Prix in the 1989 season. Alesi drove impressive in his Tyrrell and this year the team introduced a new car with a new nose.

The Tyrrell was not a bad car at all and at the street circuit of Phoenix it seems to be very quick with Jean Alesi. Well just have a look at the video and enjoy this part of racing. For me personally this was the race I really became a fan of Jean Alesi and inspired me to do more in racing.

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