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Belgium 1992 | How it all started


For me :) In Belgium 1992 it was my first ever visit to Formula 1. I never thought this day would be that special.

It was special because I saw the best drivers of the world driving in the most attractive cars there are. My hero, Jean Alesi, was competing as well. In his Ferrari of course.

The day was overwhelming as we started with a warm-up session. What a sound and what a power. I will add a movie from youtube later.

In the end we all know that one of the best Formula 1 drivers ever has won his first race. Michael Schumacher was his name. And Ayrton Senna drove one of his worst races ever as he was stubborn enough not to pit for slicks.

For me the years of dreaming started of doing something in autosport. Years later I managed to do so. Not Formula 1 but that doesn't matter. That day was, besides the first win of Michael, also a win for me. I found a passion that I still have. That passion is autosport and I am very happy that I can share this all with you by starting this platform Racing For Everyone.

So start your dream if you have one! And if it in autosport; just contact us. Maybe we can work something out :)

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