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A day at the karting track | Where talent comes alive.


Last Sunday we went to the karting track to watch some karting races. Just to get the feeling from when we were doing some races by ourselves. The races we saw were 4-stroke and 2-stroke.

We are not gonna bother you with how each race was. The races were very exciting to see and you could really see every driver was giving everything to follow his/her dream of moving up in the racing scene. From very professional teams to just starters. Everybody has the same goal.

In the future, we will talk more about how you could start in karting and what is needed. And for sure, it is not only money! If you have the chance of visiting a karting track where races are held please have a look and learn what is happening that day. Talk to everybody and learn how it works.

A lot of drivers, team owners, and family can give you a lot of advice to think over and they can help you in reaching your goal of starting with karting.

Also as an experienced driver, these races are worth watching as they give you an insight in how you can build up races and see mistakes from others where you can learn from.

So when you are in the neighborhood of a track and there are some races. Just go and watch!


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