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Nigel Mansell ; the man who started the battle of wins

Updated: Oct 1

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Now we all know that Max Verstappen took the record of most consecutive wins in a season. 10 at this moment. The man who this all started was Nigel Mansell.

It was 1990 and Nigel Mansell announced at the British Grand Prix that his season with Ferrari would be his last season. Then Frank Williams came around and offered him a seat for the 1991 season. Nigel took the change and I think he would not regret it.

Ayrton Senna was at that moment at his high. Winning his second title in 1990 and beating Prost who drove for Ferrari. Mansell started the 1991 not really good as the Williams was not really ready yet. Later in the 1991 season Mansell won races and he almost became World Champion.

In 1992 the car was even better and no other team had any chance. Senna could win some races because of his talent. Nigel won 5 wins in a row in a season of 16 races. In total he would win 9 that season and became world champion at the Hungarian Grand Prix.

In 2000 and 2001 Michael Schumacher took the record to 6 wins. But it would take until 2013 that Sebastian Vettel would break that record with 9 consecutive wins in a season. More about that in coming articles.

What do you think about the fact a driver wins so many times in a season. Is that boring or do you think it is a part of Formula 1? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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