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The youngest pole sitters

Maybe you can mention some drivers who were

Nico Hulkenberg | Copyright Shutterstock

very young when they reached a pole position. Today we gonna discuss the youngest drivers who reached a pole position.

Sebastian Vettel was the youngest driver ever to reach a pole. He was 21 years and 72 days old at the Italian Grand Prix in 2008. Second is Charles Leclerc who was 21 years and 165 days old at the Bahrein Grand Prix 2019. Fernando Alonso is third in this list with 21 years and 236 days when he took pole at the Malaysian Grand Prix in 2003.

And Max Verstappen? He was 21 years and 307 days when he took pole for the first time at the Hungarian Grand Prix in 2019. Who are we not expecting in this list? I think you would not expect Nico Hulkenberg. He was 23 years and 79 days when he took pole at the Brazilian Grand Prix in 2010! Yes it was the debut season of Nico and he raced that season with Williams.

And maybe you did not know this one as well. Lance Stroll took pole at the Turkish Grand Prix in a very rainy qualifying in 2020. He was 22 years and 16 days old when he took his pole.

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