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The team with the most podiums without a win.

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It's Sunday morning and it's time to talk about the team that has the most podiums without a win.

A lot of teams have scored a podium in Formula 1. Nowadays it is more difficult than let's say twenty of thirty years ago. Let's go.

On the top of the list you will find BAR. The team that transferred to the Honda team later. That team had 15 podiums without a win between 1999 and 2005. The team was very outgoing and projected at their debut they would win a race in that season. That never happened and more on that in the future.

The second team is the Toyota Team who had 13 podiums between 2002 and 2009. The team spend an enormous amount of money in their project and before competing in 2002 the team was testing in 2001 on all the F1 tracks where the races where held. Impressive and it cost them a lot of money. It still shows that not only money counts in Formula 1.

A split third is for the Arrows team and the current Aston Martin team who I think will be higher up this list soon during the current 2023 season. Arrows competed from 1978 till 2002 and was one of the teams who had once in a while a very good car where they could made it to the podium. Nevertheless, the team had always a lack of funding.

The fifth team is the Force India Team. The team competed from 2008 till 2018. A part is still the Aston Martin Team nowadays. During this period the team nog struggling with budgets if we don't count 2018. Force India was a team that was unpredictable and could be sometimes surprisingly quick.

What do we learn from this? In the first place you see teams who had enough funding and did not get a win and you see teams wich enough funding and got the same results. It's all about the people in your team and how they work together.

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