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The most podiums without a win

The most familiar drivers who had a podium finish without a win is currently

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Lando Norris or Romain Grosjean. Who was the driver with the most podiums without a victory?

That driver is Nick Heidfeld! You didn't see that one coming I guess. Nick had 185 Grand Prix's and he was 13 times on the podium. Second on the list is Stefan Johansson with 103 Grand Prix's and 12 times on the podium. Third is Chris Amon. He started 108 Grand Prix's and he was 11 times on the podium.

And what about Romain Grosjean? He is fourth on the list with 178 Grand Prix's and he was 10 times on the podium. You will find Lando at the bottom of this list with currently 98 Grand Prix's and 10 podiums. In my opinion, he will soon be off this list if you look at the current state of the Mclaren team.

One of the drivers i should mention as well is Andrea de Cesaris. He had 208 Grand Prix's and was 5 times on the podium. De Cesaris was a long time record holder of competing in the most Grand Prix's. He comes out of the days that there were yearly a maximum of 16 Grand Prix's.

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