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The fewest races before the first win!

Today we are going to learn more about the drivers who needed the fewest races to claim their first win in Formula 1.

There are three drivers who won in their first ever Grand Prix in Formula 1. It was Giuseppe Farina in 1950 at the British Grand Prix. Johnnie Parsons won in 1950 the Indianapolis 500 which was a part of the Formula 1 World Championship that year. Giancarlo Baghetti won in 1961 the French Grand Prix at his first ever Grand Prix.

From the most recent period, we find Clay Regazzoni who was who won the Italian Grand Prix in 1970. It was only his fifth Grand Prix at that time. Emerson Fittipaldi won his fourth ever Grand Prix in 1970 during the Grand Prix in the United States.

Also Jacques Villeneuve won a Grand Prix in his 4th race. It was during the European Grand Prix in 1996. It must be said that Villeneuve drove in his first years a very good car. Still; you need to do it!

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