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The driver with the most quickest lap

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Every race you hear which driver has at that moment the quickest lap. Before 2019 you would not get a point for it. Just the credits :)

Today we discuss which drivers have the most quickest lap in their career. I will discuss a few of them by starting with the top 3. In third place we find Kimi Räikkönen who had 353 Grand Prix's and 46 quickest laps. In second place we find Lewis Hamilton with 326 Grand Prix's and 64 quickest laps. In first place we find, of course, Michael Schumacher who had 308 Grand Prix's and he had 77 quickest laps.

Who are we missing in this list? Sebastian Vettel? He had 300 Grand Prix's and 38 quickest laps. And of course, Alain Prost deserves a place with 202 Grand Prix's and 41 (!) quickest laps. I found that quite impressive to be honest.

Also our current champion, Max Verstappen, is on his way in this list. He has currently 179 Grand Prix's and 28 quickest laps. Fernando Alonso closes the top 10 with 374 Grand Prix's and 24 quickest laps.

What does this list learn us? Not so much. Only that some drivers were more effective in reaching a quickest lap. The two most effective ones from my side are Jim Clark with only 73 Grand Prix's and 28 quickest laps. And as earlier mentioned Alain Prost.

Again; this does not say anything about the performance of the other drivers. Who is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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