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Who took victory from the back of the grid

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Which driver took a victory from the worst position? I did not know the answer to be honest with you.

In Third place we find Rubens Barrichello. He won the German Grand Prix from 18th place. It was also his first victory. In second place we find Bill Vukovich who started the Indianapolis 500 in 1954 from 19th place. At that time the Indy 500 counted also for the Formula 1 World Championship. In first place we find John Watson. He won the Grand Prix of America in 1983 from 22nd position!

You might think it is more difficult these days to win a Grand Prix from the back of the grid but Max Verstappen showed in 2022 at the Belgium Grand Prix it is still possible to win from 14th place. Also Lewis Hamilton won starting from 14th place. He won the German Grand Prix in 2018 what we all know as a rainy race.

Fernando Alonso won the first held Singapore Grand Prix in 2008.... He started from 15th place and a crash of his teammate helped him making a pitstop at the right time. It was not all played fair and some people were banned from the sport. Flavio Briatore was one of them. Alonso still says he did not know the strategy the team wanted to execute.

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