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Did you know that Colin Chapman drove one Grand Prix?

Team Lotus | Copyright Shutterstock

Yes; you read it correct! The founder of Lotus Cars and Co-founder of its Formula 1 racing team.

Chapman tried to qualify for the French Grand Prix in 1956 but crashed during qualifying and did not start the race.

Chapman knew he had more talent in engineering and since than the successes started for the Team Lotus. The first entry of Team Lotus was at the Monaco Grand Prix in 1958. The team would gain 7 team world championships and 6 driver championships. The last one was in 1978 with Mario Andretti. That car had " ground effect " which made it possible for cars would have by far more grip than before.

The car, on the picture, was very famous because of its livery. In 2012 the Lotus Cars team drove with an almost similar livery. It was not special as the original though.

In total the team started in 489 races and the last one was the Australian Grand Prix in 1994. The team had 165 podiums and 74 wins. Colin Champan died in 1982 of a heart attack.

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