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Austrian GP 1987 | A remarkable incident

In 1987, Stefan Johansson, the Swedish Formula 1 driver, encountered a remarkable and unexpected incident during the practice session of the Austrian Grand Prix. As Johansson was navigating the high-speed Österreichring circuit, a deer unexpectedly ran onto the track, resulting in a collision with his car.

The incident caused significant damage to Johansson's vehicle and forced him to retire from the practice session. The presence of wildlife on the track is a rare occurrence in motorsport and can present serious risks to drivers, as seen in this incident.

While the crash with the deer during the practice session was undoubtedly a surprising and unfortunate event for Johansson, he and his team worked diligently to repair the car and ensure he could participate in the subsequent qualifying and race.

Stefan Johansson had a career in Formula 1 that spanned from 1980 to 1991, during which he drove for several teams, including Tyrrell, Ferrari, McLaren, and Onyx. Despite encountering challenges and incidents like the crash with the deer, Johansson showcased his skill and determination throughout his tenure in the sport.

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