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A simulator we all want to try!

For a few years, I try to go every year to Adrenaline Experience Racing near Maastricht in The Netherlands. It is the most impressive sim-racing outing for people who are just driving for fun.

Why is it so impressive? Because you get the experience of a real simulator like they have at modern racing teams. When you are sitting in the car you only see the screen around you. Together with the headphones and your revs and time on the display of your steering wheel, it all makes it more fun and realistic. And don't think it is easy to drive. You need to work a bit to get your steering wheel around which makes the experience even more nicer.

When you start your first laps and drive out of the pitlane just enjoy the experience. Take a track, if possible, you know so you are quicker on a point to work on your laptimes. If you are with friends then I would advise you to train but also to do a kind of qualifying and race. It makes the experience more intense.

A nice thing about this experience is you get your telemetry data where you brake, steer and so on. It helps you not only in this simulator but also when you are driving in your simulator at home. If you drive alone my advice is just to do 30 minutes of practice every time so you can see where you can learn.

For me it is a bit of a drive to go there. About 3 hours. And I can tell you it is more than worth it! Especially when you raced yourself in earlier days or when you just started with sim racing. Just try it.

See you at the track :)

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